wall murals Vintage World Map u50401

Wall murals Vintage World Map Nr. u50401

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Please note: The images and colors of depicted wallpapers may slightly differ from the images on the website. This depends on the resolution and settings of your monitor, as well as the lighting conditions of your room.

Material Vinyl on a non-woven backing with a density ranging from 220 g/m² to 315 g/m².
Article number u50401
Finishing Semi-matte.
Production The image is printed in your specified size, cut into identical strips with a width of up to 50 cm.
Additionally You can add a lacquer coating and/or wallpaper adhesive.
Cleaning The wallpaper can be cleaned gently with a soft sponge. Wallpapers with a varnish finish can be cleaned with water.
Application method up to 360 cm in height - end-to-end
above 360 cm in height - overlap

Available Materials

Standard 87.02 $52.21/m² 8.17 $4.90/sq ft Non-woven vinyl tape with a density of 220 g/m². This is a more economical option, but also has a good colour tone and a pleasant texture that appeals to our customers.
Health-safe material
Does not fade in sunlight
High durability and density
Vivid color saturation
Color saturation 4.8 / 5.0
Premium 104.78 $62.87/m² 9.83 $5.90/sq ft Non-woven vinyl tape with a density of 315 g/m². The pattern is rich and expressive, this material has a higher colour richness and density.
Health-safe material
Does not fade in sunlight
High durability and density
Vivid color saturation
Color saturation 5.0 / 5.0
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Your wallpaper will be carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard box and dispatched within 4-7 days with free delivery.

Once your wallpaper has been dispatched, you will be sent an email with a tracking number as well as a link to track your order.

How to measure the wall for an order?
To properly measure your wall, please follow the provided instruction

. We recommend adding 6-10 cm to both the width and height measurements, as walls are not always perfectly even.
How will my order be cut?
You will receive your wallpaper in the dimensions you specified when placing your order

The wallpaper will be divided into convenient strips, each up to 50 cm wide
Does the wallpaper come in rolls?
We do not use mass production techniques. Instead, we print the image using large format printing technology at the time of order, taking into account all the specifications of our customers

As a result, you will receive your wallpaper already cut into rolls, neatly packed up for delivery.
Is this a non-woven wallpaper?
Yes, all of our wallpapers feature a non-woven backing covered with a thin layer of vinyl, which adds density and a beautiful embossed texture
What is vinyl coating?
Vinyl coating is a thin layer of PVC applied to a non-woven base

It also enables the wallpaper to be wiped with a damp sponge for cleaning

Additionally, the vinyl coating creates an embossed surface on the wallpaper, resembling linen fabric.
Can wallpaper be washed?
You can clean the wallpaper very gently with a slightly damp sponge. However, we do not recommend scrubbing or using detergents to clean the wallpaper, as this can damage the wallpaper's finish and colors.
I need waterproof wallpaper. What material should I choose?
We cannot offer wallpapers that are resistant to constant water flow or high humidity.

However, you can opt for adding a varnish coating to the wallpaper. This will provide extra water resistance, enabling them to withstand splashes of water and dirt, and making them easier to clean.
Are Materials Hazardous to Human Health?
All materials that we use are completely safe for human and pet health.
What is varnish coating?
Varnish coating involves covering the finished wallpaper with a thin layer of transparent varnish. This process increases the strength and moisture resistance of the wallpaper. Additionally, varnished wallpapers can be washed with a damp sponge for easy cleaning.